Easy poolish (Starter for Dough) Recipe


Easy Recipe to Making a poolish starter ,which is great for both bread and pizza dough


100 g whole wheat flour
0.1 g instant dry yeast
100 g water
70 g water
225 g whole wheat/bread flour
30 g water
2.3 g instant dry yeast
7.5 g sea salt

How to make

Add 100g of flour to a small bowl, we used whole wheat but any kind of wheat flour will work

Next you’re going to add a very small amount of instant yeast, only about 0.1g or 1/16th of a teaspoon

The amount of yeast you add here depends on how long you plan to ferment the starter

This is the amount for a 16 hr pre-ferment but for a shorter time, you’ll need to add more yeast

Add an equal amount of water by weight then mix until a sticky wet dough forms

Cover this and allow to ferment at room temperature for 16 hours

After the pre-ferment is done you will notice lots of little bubbles on top and
it should have expanded in the bowl

That’s the poolish done!

You can now transfer it to a bowl with 70g of room temperature water and stir to combine.

If you’re making this in the winter, the water should be slightly warmer than room temperature,but if it’s warm outside, the water can be cooler

Next add 225 g of all-purpose, whole wheat or bread flour, your choice and mix using your hands until a rough dough comes together

This is called an autolyse and after it rests for 30 minutes, the dough will develop gluten without requiring excessive kneading like with other bread recipes

After the dough has rested, combine 2.3 grams of instant dry yeast with 30g of
room temperature water and 7 1/2 grams of sea salt

Pour this mixture over the dough then use your hands again to combine and knead the dough for about 5 minutes in the bowl

Cover and let rest at room temperature for about 40 minutes

Once rested, the dough will be very elastic and you’ll be able to stretch each of the 4 corners up then fold over top one at a time. Cover and let rest again for 25 minutes then repeat the stretch and fold technique one more time before resting for another 25 minutes

Now it’s time to shape the dough. Remove from the bowl and gently press into a rough oval

From there you can start folding from the top making sure to tuck the edges in then press down and push back on the dough to seal it

Continue like this until you have a cylinder of dough

Place a clean kitchen towel over a bread pan and generously dust with flour

Place the dough into the pan with the sealed side facing up

Gently pinch the seal to secure it then dust with more flour and fold the excess towel over top to cover the dough completely

Let rest at room temperature for 30 minutes

It’s now about time to bake so make sure your oven is preheated to 235C or 455F
and if you have a pizza stone, allow it to preheat as well

Then unwrap the dough and give it a little poke. If the dough springs back slowly like this,
it’s ready

If it springs back immediately, give it some more time to rest

Place a piece of parchment paper over top and flip the dough over onto it

Remove the pan and the towel which should come off easily thanks to the flour

Speaking of that flour, it’s now served its purpose so you can brush off the excess with a pastry brush or just your hands

Transfer to a pizza peel if using a pizza stone or just a regular baking tray if not, then firmly score a line down one side of the dough

This will form a lovely crust and allow steam to escape while baking

Finally, spray the dough with a good misting of water then transfer to the oven to bake for around 45 minutes

Start checking after 30 and if it’s getting too brown, you can turn the heat down slightly

Allow cooling slightly before slicing and enjoying!