How To Decorate With Melted Chocolate


In this recipe , we’ll show you how to decorate with melted chocolate


Parchment paper
227 g of high-quality semi-sweet chocolate (65%)

How to make

First things first we need to make piping bags

Fold a piece of parchment paper diagonally so it forms two rough triangles (don’t worry if they aren’t perfect,this isn’t a beauty contest)

Next use a sharp knife or scissors to carefully cut along the fold

To rolls the piping bag, place you finger at the middle point of the longest edge of the triangle to hold it in place

Roll one corner of the triangle towards the middle point to create a tip where your finger is

Now remove your finger and continue rolling until a you have a cone

Fold the excess at the top into the cone to secure the shape and you’re done!

For chocolate decorations its important to temper the chocolate since we want them to have a nice glossy finish and stay firm at room temperature

To do this, place a heat safe bowl over barely simmering water making sure the bowl does not touch the water

Next add about 2/3 of your good quality chocolate wafers or finely chopped bar. Save the rest for later

Stir the chocolate frequently until it starts to melt but there are still chunks of solid chocolate

At this point start taking the temperature using a kitchen thermometer

You want the temperature to reach about 115 F but never exceed 120

Don’t worry if it’s not completely melted, focus more on the temperature than the look of it

Once it’s up to temperature, remove from the heat then gradually add the leftover chocolate

This is called “seeding” and it’s going to help cool the chocolate down so it doesn’t continue heating up

Continue stirring until the chocolate is completely melted and the temperature has lowered to 84F

This will take about 10 -15 minuets of stirring so be patient

You’re almost done now! We just need to heat the chocolate again briefly to bring it up to a working temperature of between 86-89 degrees

Once the thermometer registers in that range,remove from the heat and carefully scoop your chocolate into the prepared piping bag

Only fill about half way then fold the end closed to prevent leaking and cut off the tip

You only want a small hole so be careful not to cut off too much!

Now you can pipe your shapes on to a piece of parchment paper

You can really get creative with these but I recommend starting with some abstract shapes like this to get a feel for the chocolate and how quickly or slowly it comes out of the piping bag

Once you’re confident with those you can move on to more complex shapes like these treble clefs

The key is just to be confident with your movements

Hold a steady stream of chocolate and keep an even distance from the parchment paper as you draw

For this next one try to make thin lines of chocolate and just draw a big abstract criss cross kind of shape

Once it has cooled completely, use the wide end of a pastry tip or any small and thin circular mold to cut out circles of the chocolate design

You can practice making spirals then work your way up to this large spiral shape with a cross
through the middle to help keep it from breaking when you remove it from the paper

This next one resembles tree bark when dry and adds a rustic look to desserts

Spread a scoop of chocolate into a very rough rectangle leaving about 1 inch of space on the top and bottom of the paper

Next very carefully roll the paper to connect the two clean ends and secure with a piece of tape

Allow to cool completely

For a different cylindrical shape, wrap the handle of a whisk or any cylindrical object with parchment paper and secure it with tape

With another piece of parchment paper underneath, drizzle chocolate on a slight angle all along the handle

Repeat with another drizzle at an offset angle to create a kind of diamond or zig zag pattern

Once hardened, you can carefully remove the molded chocolate from the parchment paper to reveal your creations

Don’t worry too much if some of them break, there’s still beauty in imperfection!

Use these to decorate cakes or just as a garnish on your favorite dessert!